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Golang Away: TCP Chat Server

So I’ve started learning about Golang, skipping all the boring stuff and getting right into the fun, learning the required “boring stuff” as I go. I found some sample code to use as a starting point, but I ended up having to adapt it to fit both my needs, and the apparent evolution in the [...]

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Golang Away: Adventures in Go

I enjoy learning new things, preferably those outside of my normal day-to-day work with C++. I spent a brief bit of time having a look at Erlang, because I’m a sucker for “cool networking stuff” and Erlang sounded really cool. However, I never really got into the functional programming mindset, and so after some tinkering [...]

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And the server lives once more

A couple of weeks ago, I managed to break my server. In a spectacular show of incompetence, I rushed a command as root and typo’d – BANG; and the permissions are gone. Well, not actually gone, just screwed. I was then unable to do anything with sudo and I lost the tiny bit of paper [...]

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Should Software Engineers also act as Tech Support?

I’m a software developer, but I work in a fairly small company, and each developer takes on an “unofficial” support role usually based around their own software. Some developers have to do more support than others, depending on a number of factors such as how many products they have developed/shipped, how buggy their products are, [...]

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Old SVN comments make for funny reading

It really annoys me when people don’t put comments on their SVN commits. What must annoy those people is when people like me write stupid stuff there instead. It’s just as useless, but it has the added bonus of providing some comic relief on a quiet Friday afternoon. Browsing SO as usual, I came across [...]

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New server, new blog?

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